A Boulder Ladder is an ongoing competition with regular problems being set. Climbers have a limited amount of time to complete each set of problems.

The Lactic Winter Series will run from Friday 6th of June for 12 weeks. There will be 15 new problems of varying grades each Friday. Climbers will have until the following Friday to complete as many of the previous Friday's problems as they can.  Competed problems will be logged by staff at the front counter and published online at the end of each week.

The Winter Series will culminate in a Super Final on Saturday 30th of August. There will be more information on this event closer to the day. Needless to say, it will be a chance to make up for any lost points throughout the Series due to illness, absence or laziness. 

Any questions should be forwarded via email to thelacticfactory@gmail.com where they will be ignored accordingly.

Best of luck and godspeed you glorious bastards.

Reuben, Nick, John, Stuart and Jimmy.