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an espalier is a living fence created by training small trees into decorative patterns. here's how to create an espalier in your own yard. . step 1: create a support select an overall pattern for your espalier. (for our example, we selected a diamond pattern.) build an .

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. flower-filled ‘living wall’ style fence? with a chicken wire base, it is simple to erect, and with a little patience, can be a wonderful focal point for your garden; and here’s how. .

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living spaces outdoor spaces storage and utility other spaces design & decorate main rooms kitchens living and dining rooms bedrooms kids rooms bathrooms other rooms interior ideas design 101 furniture and accessories color .

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build a backyard fence and turn your backyard into a distinctive summer living space. . taking stock while painted pine was our choice, it doesn't have to be yours. at the low end of the price spectrum is pressure-treated lumber, followed in increasing cost by .

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a wind screen is basically a fence or wall that blocks the wind. these are highly effective at deflecting wind away from small often-used outdoor living spaces such as a patio or deck. screens are also used around a spa or pool area to trap and build heat for a .

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major living fence applications in the united states have utilized osage orange trees (maclura pomifera), also called hedge . thousands of miles of osage orange were grown as shelterbelts to prevent wind erosion. easily propagated from seeds, cuttings or .

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installing a living fence by using hedge plants is a great way to give you some privacy in your backyard landscape, decrease noise, give you a wind barrier, and help the environment all at once! now how often can you accomplish so much with such a simple task? .