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fences as supports: can i use my neighbour's fence as a support for my own plants? fences, appearance of: can i paint my side of my neighbour's fence?

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aug 9, 2010 a couple who painted their side of a garden fence have been fined we'd paint it green to match the rest of the fences in our garden. however, we have now reviewed the case and the fine will be rescinded and refunded.'.

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the side of the fence facing my yard looks awful and is in desperate need of painting. my question is, do i need to ask my neighbor's permission

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where do you need fence staining or painting? .. also paint the backside of the fence. i have an agreement with the owners on my sides to only paint my side.

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it is going to depend on the rules in place where you live. in some places, there is a common fence on the property line and each maintains

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nov 15, 2018 my mom operates a family farmstead (a working ranch and sustainable paint one side of the fence and people who paint both sides of the fence. a well painted fence will not only last longer, but should it, you won't have to

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may 24, 2018 but before we get started i wanted to show you our fence before i stained it… painting a fence is one of those jobs that can suck the life right out of go too far in between the slats, as i didn't want to slap paint onto their side.

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one side is actually my neighbor's fence that our fence goes right up to. i would find a happy median if you can, like offering to seal it with

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oct 6, 2014 i had a plan. a while ago, i realized the easiest thing to do would be to paint our side of the cinder block white to match the vinyl fence. i didn't

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atwo of my neighbors put up wooden fences and placed the frame side facing my i never said anything but wondered if i can paint my side or do i have to ask

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jun 1, 2015 our reader wanted to know how to handle this issue, and we do have you'd have to start by removing the paint on your side of the fence.

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jun 8, 2019 can i paint my neighbours fence? you should ask their permission first – even if you're only painting or staining your side of the fence.

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this is not a complicated legal issue. the bottom line is this, it's not your fence. you need your neighbor's permission to paint their fence.

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we just paid to have a brand new wood privacy fence installed around our backyard. it is entirely within our property. we do not intend to paint it

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block wall and iron view fence painting the anthem community council is common fencing walls are any that have a wash or a street on the opposite side of it. our community · veterans memorial · events · business directory · golf

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if you coordinate with your neighbor, you could build a single fence with paint or stain your side of the fence to protect the wood and prevent weathering.

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you do own what is on your boundary for the most part, certainly fences and walls, but my only thought is, if you can't see their side of the wall and they are not

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feb 15, 2018 this will help you to understand whose property the wall or fence is on or whether it's you can't make changes to your side without their permission, such as painting it. check our advice on how to choose a solicitor. you

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i will definitely use daryl again for other painting jobs in future. " painting apply two coats of cream paint to our front fence - fill in gaps in white wall below the fence - fix up and apply white paint to damage to side wall all paint supplied.

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my partner and i now want to paint our side of her fence - she only painted prior to starting and could i have her permission to paint our side.

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you could do nothing, or you could erect your own fence alongside your neighbour's fence so that the true can i paint my side of my neighbour's fence?

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jun 2, 2017 here are a couple good neighbor fences you can buy online: want the paint to fade or chip, you want to keep your fence clean, and you don't want your wood to rot. if its my fence the good side should b in my yard then…