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rent unlimited decks and cards at your leisure for one monthly price. explore the best paper and mtgo decks of the top players. buy or 8-rack (76). ratchet

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feb 24, 2016 8rack is a fun (for you) black control deck, that wants to make your smallpox on the play, even against an aggro deck can be an 8 rack

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modern 8-rack decks from the best players around the world. we have published more than 1724 modern decks in the last 2 weeks!

12-rack? introducing davriel, rogue - starcitygames.com

apr 4, 2019 wrench mind has been a necessary two-for-one in 8-rack. it's particularly bad against decks packing artifacts, like mono-green tron,

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mtgo modern daily (#7242048), #4 discard - 8 rack - feuerteufel decks. card kingdom. $1217 (nm). tcgplayer. $1776 (avg.) manatraders. rent for $59.95 4 darkslick shores. 8 swamp. 4 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth. 2 creatures.

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mar 2, 2017 i had lent out some pieces of my eldrazi tron deck the day before gp vancouver, and because of this, i decided to lock in playing 8-rack at in

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nov 16, 2018 modern deck by ank001. modern - 8 rack. 47. 4 35 0 21 funeral charm. shrieking affliction. the rack. blackmail. victim of night. smother.

pufftrees 8-rack – control the hand control the game

dec 30, 2018 i've only tested this deck about 30 matches, but it sure is fun and i look forward to developing dimir 8-rack in 2019! why dimir? players familiar

deck of the day – modern 8 rack

deck of the day – modern 8 rackby eric froehlich // 20 sep, 2016 the 8 rack strategy aggressively attacks an opponent's hand size and then finishes them

8-rack pox reborn! (modern mtg deck) - tappedout

updated dec 21, 2018 by geminispartanx using our mtg deck builder. 8-rack!!! wins by 'racking' the opponent via [[the rack]] and [[shrieking affliction]]

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we purchased a 4' rack two years ago; an 8' one last year; and another 8' rack this month. the wood is stored on our covered deck. they are sturdy, well made

8 rack .dec - mtg cube

nov 11, 2017 well, a generous 4 rack.dec but still, we make do with what we must in singleton! i have been meaning to do this deck in cube ever since

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i've played versions of this deck a lot in free magic softwares like magicworkstation and cockatrice, my favorite colors are black, blue and

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exemplary deck deckbuilding the corehow to bu it's called 8rack because of it's primary win condition - the 8 rack effects. while not

top 10 extended decks of all time magic: the gathering

feb 7, 2008 we have no new extended ptq top 8 lists to discuss this week (sorry legacy: tax rack was probably the best scroll rack deck ever in terms

the rack is back - starcitygames.com

sep 25, 2017 not only did i fly, i missed my cheap allegiant flight and booked another expensive last-minute flight, all just to play some 8-rack. for a deck

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eight rack smallpox (modern mtg deck) - tappedout

dec 25, 2018 this actually started as a megrim + wheel and deal discard deck many many years ago. then it dropped megrim in favor of liliana's caress,