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13 May 2012 . Hollow Block Slab part 2.wmv . Teach how to build house roof by houdi, hollow pot slab, ceiling beam and concrete blocks faster - Duration:.

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23 Jun 2015 . Royal Concrete Slabs 7,828 views · 4:15 · Teach how to build house roof by houdi, hollow pot slab, ceiling beam and concrete blocks faster.

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6 Feb 2012 . In February 2012, a building collapsed while under construction in Mwiki . The building floor slab was constructed using clay brick hollow pot.

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Why the Mwiki,Kasarani Building collapsed and how to prevent this . 6 Feb 2012 . The building floor slab was constructed using clay brick hollow pot . have.


7 Jun 2017 . This is a type of slab that is constructed with hollow clay pots or blocks. Hollow clay pot slabs are usually constructed with fewer concrete and.

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Manholes · Manhole / Gully Pot Risers . Slabs are manufactured to differing lengths to accommodate each housing type. . Soffit Finishes: All prestressed concrete floor systems can accommodate suspended ceilings or . Superior Building Products: As structural elements these floors slabs are superior building products.

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27 Jun 2016 . Today, nearly all new houses employ beam and block construction for their ground floors. . On the positive side, unlike timber floors, suspended concrete . slabs can start to sink years later, leaving a cracked, hollow surface.

Assessment of Cost Variation in Solid and Hollow Floor… pre cast solid slab construction the cost of transportation of units to sites, cost of expertise required in the .. monolithic solid slab and hollow clay pot slab will be examined. .. required in suspended structural floors as part of the structural.

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The hollow pot beams cast on the ground and allowed to cure for 21 days. . significant savings are made over and above the concrete waffles and solid slab method. It is also much faster to construct using this method as once the 2" (50mm).

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Hollow flooring blocks - Hollow clay floor slab block / Slab clay block · Pre-compressed joist for reinforced concrete floor slab Pre-compressed joist. SIAI.

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Users of Waterloo Station will be aware that construction activity in, around, and beneath . The fireproof floors consisted of Frazzi hollow unreinforced clay blocks . Work continued in phases working northwards with a general suspension of . the same way as the hollow pot floors most of us remember, which continued in.

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3 Jul 2017 . A suspended timber floor is usually constructed using timber joists suspended from . A simple reinforced concrete flat slab is not usually economical as a . Ribbed floors use narrow-spaced shallow beams, or ribs, rather than.

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In the construction lexicon, a slab or deck is defined as the surface structure that constitutes . Details of beam and pot floors with prestressed hollow core slabs.

Building des - Ofcom 7: Hollow pot concrete floor . Figure 22: Building with cast concrete frame of columns and floor slabs (Ref AJPlus) . Figure 35: Typical suspended ceiling.

VICTORIA OPAREBEA OGYIRI.that the initial cost of constructing a precast floor slab is cheaper than the cast in .. Examples of cast in situ reinforced concrete suspended slabs are: ribbed.

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10 May 2016 . The slab u see is similar to the normal clay pot slabs we do here in . we are there already, construction companies on the island had been using hollow pot for . This is a suspended slab design type not foundation slab.

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Beam and block flooring is the traditional and cost effective suspended flooring system for ground and upper floors in domestic and commercial applications.