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pca r&d sn2982a. solar reflectance values of concrete by medgar l. marceau and martha g. vangeem. reprinted by permission of concrete international

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this credit also mentions the solar reflectance index (sri). you expect the tree to grow into providing 50% shade at a 5 year period??? . does any one know if i had to submit documents from the manufacter or lab to prove the sri value?

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in general, a cool roof is one that has relatively high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance. during the daylight hours, solar reflectance, thermal emittance, and sri values for kynar 500 colors. color timber tan .47 .86, 53.

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the timber research and development association (trada) is an .. aged sri is based on the aged tested values of solar reflectance and thermal emittance.

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in this study, six technologies exhibited sri values of 29 or greater: e-krete tree shading was used to decrease the solar energy incident to asphalt

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the effect of the roof solar reflectance on the thermal performance of a building is ceiling insulation r-value of 1.0 m2 k/w to be made for a roof solar absorptance of .. is of timber frame and clad construction and has a corrugated steel.

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the coatings have a high level of solar reflectivity (sr) which serves to reflect solar radiation away from the roof whilst cladding to a timber frame, lined internally with gypsum . with a detergent can ensure the reflectance value of a coating.

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solar reflectance values were higher for thermochromic coatings at the of the forest timber, while they are responsible for almost 70% of emitted sulphur

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oct 5, 2012 5. table 2. common albedo values (emerald cities) . 9. figure 6. typical solar reflectance of conventional asphalt and concrete pavements over time. (epa .. anticipated shade coverage of a new tree in the same location.

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to estimate baseline land use and tree cover infor . figure 5: example of combined effects of solar reflectance and .. the “r-value” of building insulation.

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may 15, 2015 table 2: solar reflectivity values for typical materials . include insulating stud walls and under suspended timber floors. other materials such

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presidential shake is a solar reflective asphalt roofing that is designed to solar reflectance value of over 40%. landmark timber ash. crrc product id

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electric utilities support to develop materials with high solar reflectance and design effective implementation programs. . time; this is when solar radiation is at least 70% of the value these two .. on tree planting and light-colored surfacing.

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public-private partnership for trees, a regional tree initiative, and commu- both a high solar reflectance value and a high emissivity value. thus, it.

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solar reflectance, or albedo, is the percentage of solar energy reflected by a surface. asphalt mixed with pigments or sealant, or by using light-colored tree resin in . the sri shall be calculated based on the aged reflectance value of the